Membership Information



The vast majority of IABC members are professional members. Dues for professional members vary widely based on where you live. Some countries are charged a lower amount for international dues, based on World Bank data. Chapter and region dues also vary.


Corporate packages offer discounts to five or more employees from the same company. If your organization would like to explore the opportunities of corporate IABC membership, please contact member_relations@

Platinum Package (for 75+ employees)

Gold Package (for 31-74 employees)

Silver Package (for 16-30 employees)

Bronze Package (for 5-15 employees)


Student memberships are available to full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions, as well as part-time students working toward a degree, or a certificate program in Canada, who are not presently working in the communication profession.


Professionals who have graduated from a degree program from an accredited institution in the past year are eligible for the student transition rate. For student transition members, the regular application fee is waived, and the student pays half of the international dues plus full region and chapter dues. Members can only have one year at the student transition rate; they must then become professional members at the full professional rate. Applicants will need to fax proof of degree conferral after enrolling with the Member Relations team.


Individuals who have been professional IABC members for at least five years, are retired from employment in the communication industry, and are at least 55 years of age are eligible for retiree status.


These membership categories are conferred upon members by the IABC international executive board in recognition of service to IABC and the profession. Nominations can be submitted to headquarters. Contact the Leader Centre at for more information on submitting nominations.


So named because only 500 members will be allowed to participate, the 500 Club offers lifetime membership in IABC. The 500 Club is closed, as all slots have been taken.


For more information please contact our Secretariat, Zanandi Allers on +272 226 0255 or email