IABC Africa Conference 2016 Unveils Critical Insights

August 26th, 2016 in Africa Conferences, IABC News

IABC Africa Conference 2016 Unveils Critical Insights into the Future of Business Communication


Johannesburg – August 26, 2016 – The annual IABC Africa Regional Conference is set to return to the Vineyard Hotel and Spa from 2-4 November 2016, to address critical issues facing the future of business communication. In its 23rd year, the annual IABC Africa Conference will host established regional business communication leaders and prominent experts, including two international keynote speakers.


Over the three days, the conference will feature more than 20 sessions and workshops spanning across nine key themes impacting the agility of business communication: ‘youthification’, agility, digital communication, risk and resilience, leadership, strategic measurement, business acumen, crisis communication, and cross cultural communication. The event will facilitate engaging conversation and sharing of insights on a variety of topics, with a look at the future of the how communication can remain and increase in its relevance.


“The sophistication of the role of communication and reputation management is evolving as rapidly as business and society are these days, and so it is imperative for organisations to set communication as a core focus area”, says Daniel Munslow, past chair of IABC Africa and member of the International Executive Board. “Conference goers can expect to hear from some of our country’s leading communication minds who will deliver deep insights on the issues we are currently facing,” he added.


Notable keynote speakers include


  • Dianne Chase – 2016/2017 Chair IABC IEB
  • Robin Russell McCasland – FRSA, Director, Employee Communication, Tenet Healthcare, Dallas, Texas;
  • Paul Nel – Head of Open Innovation, Barclays Africa Group;
  • Regine le Roux – Managing Director, Reputation Matters – in a special pre-conference workshop,
  • Dalien René Benecke, Curriculum Chair, Department of Strategic Communication, University of Johannesburg 


Additional sessions feature:



Carol Allers, Chair of IABC Africa, says “in addition to the above keynote and plenary session, the conference also serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for communication practitioners across all sectors, who come together to engage and discover new technological advancements and solutions that enhance business communication practices”.


Headline sponsors for the conference are DevCom, Eskom, Cape Town Tourism and Distell.


To view the full conference agenda, speakers and more click here.


Gallery of Speakers and Sponsors.

Silver Quill Awards Deadline Date Extension

August 25th, 2016 in IABC News

The New Deadline for Silver Quill Award Entries is 9 September 2016.

Enter now.

Silver Quill Logo

We’re looking for African-based communication projects! The Silver Quill Awards are unique in the industry because they recognise work that makes a significant contribution to business outcomes. Your work will be reviewed against the IABC’s standard of excellence, encouraging the pursuit of excellence rather than competition.

We are looking for entries where communicators are able to demonstrate the impact their work had on business goals and are innovative and unique.  
I encourage you to get involved in this exciting awards programme by sending me your nominations, recognising those individuals that are showing leadership in the African Communication sector, who continue to push the limits through perseverance, innovation and dedication.

It is through this programme, that peers will have access to reliable communication practises and great communication ideas. It is through your projects and innovation that the African people of tomorrow will continue to deliver results and ensure that management sees communication as a key business driver and open new doors for you.


Africa Quill Chair

Ghrethna Kruger







Submission process:
Either via email to or contact (Zanandi Allers on 076 624 8204). Based on your location, you will beadvised to either mail your submission or hand deliver it to a specific location. This will be advised when you enter.

All you have to do is:

  1. Choose your category 
  2. Write your work plan
  3. Attach work sample
  4. Submit and pay for your entry


More useful guides:



IABC Africa 23rd Annual Conference 2016: REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

February 17th, 2016 in Africa Conferences, Africa Events Calendar, IABC News




23rd Annual IABC Africa Conference | 2 to 4 November 2016 | Cape Town

The corporate communication landscape, like with most things, is changing at a pace that finds communicators constantly having to adapt their game plans to successfully engage their audiences. The same old, same old approach is no longer relevant and will not achieve optimal results.   
This year’s IABC Africa Conference will see local and international communicators sharing innovative ways to up your game and alert you to trends and opportunities.


Understanding why generations see things differently enables communicators to find a common language to engage audiences of varying ages. Coach, workshop facilitator and presenter, Saffron Baggallay, who is based in Johannesburg, believes that it’s not about what you know, but what you do with what you know that differentiates you in the workplace today. She is just one of the keynote speakers at this year’s IABC Conference who will share her experiences and expertise to help delegates find innovative ways to up their communication game.



However innovative you want to be, you still need a solid strategic foundation. Dallas-based Robin Russell McCasland, will be sharing a slightly simplified, creative approach to strategic planning which will help you to engage with people who don’t have a strategic mindset or don’t ‘get’ strategic planning.
A past IABC International Chair, Robin is Director of Corporate Communication at Tenet Healthcare, a diversified healthcare corporation with 87 hospitals in the US and UK, with more than 450 outpatient centres, six health plans and other businesses across the US. Robin oversees communication with Tenet’s home office employees in Dallas, and more than 130 000 employees across the Tenet system.


The interactive programme will include keynotes, TED talks, facilitated round-table debates and panel discussions. Topics will cover engagement, measurement, reputation management, generation theory, social media, writing for diverse audiences and leadership communication.


The IABC Africa Conference Team


Please click here to download the registration forms and email
completed forms to to receive an invoice.

Gold Quill Entries deadline, 13 January 2016

January 8th, 2016 in IABC News

mail_image_preview (1)

Dear fellow communication professional,

Imagine – an audience of 500+ of the world’s most esteemed communication professionals as you take the stage – a winner at the most prestigious and wide-reaching communication awards program in the world.

Imagine taking your team on a journey that sees them not only surpass their own perceived capabilities – but gives them their moment in the sun for doing so.

Imagine achieving your personal and professional goals – be they recognition, feedback, coaching or independent corroboration and support for a critical or pioneering project.

All these and more can become your reality through the 2016 IABC Gold Quill Awards.

We invite you to take up this challenge and see how your work measures up to a global standard, a standard that evaluates groundbreaking work to identify “the best of the best” communication in the world.

This year’s program features a streamlined list of 28 categories across 4 divisions, a hand-picked blue ribbon panel of judges from around the globe and a renewed emphasis on creativity and innovation to differentiate work that is truly groundbreaking and worthy of international recognition.

So let your imaginations run wild. Innovate. Create. But above all, be sure to share your stories of success by entering the 2016 IABC Gold Quill Awards.

We look forward to you and your team taking this journey and hope you join us for a glittering gala to celebrate the winners in glamorous New Orleans in June 2016.

Monika Lancucki, ABC
2016 IABC Gold Quill Awards Chair

Follow this link:  for more information on the Gold Quills 2016.

IABC Excel Award Winner 2014

September 29th, 2015 in IABC News


23 October 2014



 IABC Africa is pleased to announce that professor Jonathan Jansen is the 2014 recipient of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Africa Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award. This is one of the highest honours that IABC Africa can bestow on a person. The award is given to a senior figure who has proven his or her ability to lead through effective communication.


“Prof Jansen is recognized for the excellent leadership role he continues to play by communicating effectively with all stakeholders of the University of the Free State, especially during tough times. He has not only played a unifying role during racial tension on campus, but he has also made a huge contribution to scholarly excellence and trans-cultural understanding in our country,” said Sophia Dower, outgoing chairperson of IABC Africa at its 21st conference in Cape Town.


“There are three things I have learnt about leadership in the business of education on campuses and in communities emerging from unequal and divided histories. Firstly, words matter. Words can heal, hurt and even kill – a lesson learnt from Northern Ireland, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. It is the solemn responsibility of leaders, therefore, whether in militant songs or in dramatic performances, to harness words for the sake of healing,” prof. Jansen said.

“Secondly the spoken word is sometimes less effective in communication than other symbolic actions such as a hugging student or flowers expressing gratitude.”

“Thirdly, words are interpreted – they do not speak for themselves. This makes communication very difficult when words are received by the angry or reckless to fit the prejudices of the listener. This means that communication with the communities you are privileged to serve, is something you engage in day in and night out. It is a commitment over time,” he concluded.


One of the main requirements for selection as an Excel Award winner is a personal, humorous and selfless communication style – a style that resonates with diverse groups within broader audiences. The award is made to a person who is not an IABC member, but who is a captain of industry and who spends time speaking with stakeholders around the world.

Another requirement is that the recipient should be engaged in real-time announcements and discussions. The role of a leader in communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders during tough times, is crucial to long-term success. The leader is charged with helping people understand how difficult times are affecting stakeholders at large. With the growth of social media, there are now even more tools available for leaders to reach their constituents.



Past winners of the IABC EXCEL Award include:

·    Michael Jordaan – chairman of Mxit who served as the chief executive officer of First National Bank and executive committee member of the First Rand Banking group.

·    Mervyn King – former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa. He is best known for chairing the King Committee on Corporate Governance, which issued three comprehensive reports endorsing an integrated an inclusive approach to corporate  governance in South Africa.

·    Dr Theuns Eloff – vice-chancellor of North West University,  chairman of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and chairman of Higher Education South Africa.

·    Norman Mbazima – chief executive officer of Kumba Iron Ore Limited and non-executive director of Exxaro Resources Limited.




Prof. Jonathan Jansen is vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State and president of the South African Institute of Race Relations. He holds a PhD from Stanford University, an MS degree from Cornell University and honorary doctorates from various universities across the world. He is an astute author of various books and a columnist for both and English and Afrikaans newspaper. In 2014 the University of the Western Cape recognized him as an outstanding Alumni who has made a significant contribution to education and towards nation building in South Africa. He recently received the Humanitarian Award at the Jewish Achiever Awards.

Prof Jonathan Jansen

About IABC
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organisational effectiveness through strategic communication. Established in 1970, IABC serves more than 14,000 members in 90 countries. For more information, visit


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Gold Quill Awards

August 9th, 2015 in Quill Awards

Top Local Communicators Acknowledged through International Awards Programme

Several of South Africa’s top communication professionals were acknowledged for their innovative work at this year’s International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Africa Quills awards evening.

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