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IABC Africa is pleased to announce that Judge Mervyn King is the 2010 recipient of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Africa Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award - one of the highest honours that IABC Africa can bestow. This award is given to a senior figure who has proven his or her ability to lead through effective communication.

Judge King has been recognised for the role he has played in promoting communication and stakeholder relations through their inclusion in King Report III. It now places the role of communication squarely at board level, highlighting the importance of communication activities within and across an organisation. As a consequence of Section 8 of King Report III, business communicators are now required to report on stakeholder relations at a higher level, in line with business objectives.

The requirements set out in King Report III stress the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, and demand companies to pay attention to the audiences with whom they speak. Communicators now need to demonstrate effective and inclusive communication with all stakeholder groupings and that "complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information should be provided by the company to its stakeholders whilst having regard to legal and strategic considerations". Judge Mervyn King has achieved what the communication profession has been hoping for a while - recognition at business level.

One of the main requirements for selection as an Excel Award winner is a personal, humorous and selfless communication style; a style that resonates with diverse groups within broader audiences. This award is made to a person who is not an IABC member, but who is a captain of industry, and who spends time speaking with stakeholders around the world. It recognises active engagement and genuine interest in listening to and learning from all people.

Another requirement for selection for an Excel Award is that the recipient should be engaged in real-time announcements and discussions. The role of a leader in communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders during tough times is crucial to a company's long-term success. The leader is charged with helping people understand how the economic downturn is affecting companies and stakeholders at large. With the growth of social media, there are now even more tools available for leaders and industries to reach their constituents.

IABC Africa wishes to congratulate Judge Mervyn King on his award, as well his demonstrated vision and leadership and his commitment to excellent communication. The award was formally handed over at the gala dinner of the IABC Africa conference on Thursday, 14 October.

Judge Mervyn King talking about his award

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