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Talk2Us expands exclusive Reseller Agreement to rest of Africa

Talk2Us has expanded its exclusive reseller agreement for SnapComms to cover the whole of Africa. Digital brand management tools - such as screensaver messages, desktop newsfeeds and staff quizzes – are in high demand across the continent, and Talk2Us is now able to offer them to all African nations.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 07 February 2012 – With effect from 01 February 2012, Johannesburg-based brand engagement consultancy, Talk2Us extended its exclusive reseller agreement with SnapComms to cover all African countries. In November 2011, the company negotiated an exclusive deal to offer internal digital brand management tools - such as screensaver messages, desktop newsfeeds and staff quizzes – to southern African and the Islands.

Due to an unprecedented demand for the offering by leading blue-chip national and multinational organisations, and an influx of queries from across Africa, a geographical extension was signed.

The software solution includes several tools which show messages directly on employees’ computer screens. The solution uses existing Active Directory groups for targeting purposes, an important element of strategic stakeholder mapping. A key benefit is the tool’s flexibility in content administration and targeted messaging, affording large decentralised organisations the opportunity to partner and collaborate across clusters and functions.

In line with global trends, internal communication is shifting from a broadcast-centric approach to a strategic tool that delivers employee engagement and can be tangibly measured, providing real business benefits that support company strategy. The SnapComms tool is one such mechanism that achieves this by bypassing traditional media and reaching employees timeously with priority news in the business.
The SnapComms internal communications software was created in 2002, seeking better ways to communicate to employees. Since then, it has developed into a full suite of tools designed to overcome challenges faced by internal communicators in medium and large organisations. SnapComms solutions are currently being used in some of the world’s largest multinationals, including Vodafone, Time Warner, Netcare, BP, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, Commercial Bank of Africa, KPMG Russia, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, Cisco, and others.

About Talk2us
Talk2Us is a strategic brand engagement consultancy, focusing on the development and execution of its proprietary Brand Engagement Compass Methodology to achieve stakeholder engagement. In that pivotal role, we assist companies to maximise their brand value by reaching all target audiences with a variety of tools of influence. Talk2Us has been operating from its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, for over 10 years, working with some of the most prestigious companies in the country. In 2011, Talk2Us expanded into Africa by acquiring clients outside South Africa. It has also built a network of strategic business partners globally. For more information, visit http://www.talk2us.co.za

About SnapComms
Australasia-headquartered SnapComms provides software tools to help improve internal broadcast messaging and to ensure key information reaches the right audience at the right time. The technology includes interactive screensavers, scrolling newsfeeds, desktop alerts, user generated e-mags, pop-up staff quizzes and surveys, employee blogs, discussion forums and helpdesks. Offering both hosted and non-hosted solutions to government and private entities, SnapComms currently has customers in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East, Australiasia, the Caribbean and South America.

Africa press contact
Daniel Munslow
011 706 8149
Elizma Nolte

The consumer, tickled by the stimulus to purchase, has what has been coined by Procter & Gamble as the first moment of truth when they come into contact with the seller of their desire. The consumer then purchases the product, and experiences it – the second moment of truth. But with the rising use of the internet, consumers are beginning a trend where they decide on their purchase before even encountering the seller or the product. A strange phenomenon to be sure and the question one need to as is how this is possible. Simple; the ZERO moment of truth. It goes something like this: A need arises; the consumer merely searches for the fulfilment on the internet, and through copious amounts of referrals and links, through cyber persuasion, decides even before an encounter with the product to purchase to fulfil that need. The secret to success in this world of online interaction is to win the ZMOT, if you win the ZMOT, you win the sale.
Melissa Attree 

The online space may be daunting for many communication professionals today, but this fourth dimension has the power to build a great reputation. The question, however, that communicators need to ask is how to get people to like you. The activities of the online community can be summarised in three words: creating, sharing, and talking, and from this, PR has undergone a shift, a shift back to the public, where brands are talking to consumers and consumers are talking about brands. PR moves to a place of engagement again. For organisations wishing to delve into the online space, it is not necessary to overcomplicate it, communication remains communication. But be warned, joining the online battlefield without a plan will result in disaster. The first thing to do is to listen, and there are several tools that can be used to listen, to seek what are talking about, and how it is relevant to your brand; this is the most important stage in the whole concept. The power of the online world is that there are communities, large communities, and in these numbers, they have power. So, instead of trying to create a community around your brand, attach yourself to an already existing community, find your fans and get them to talk about YOU.

Remember though, in the world of the communicator, content is king. Add value to your “boring brand” through valuable content. In today’s society, everybody wants a voice, if you give them a soapbox to stand on and an opportunity fulfil that desire, you will become popular, powerful, and profitable.

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