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The IABC Africa Chapter is proud to announce that we are hosting our 21st Annual Conference in Cape Town this year.

Make sure that you SAVE THESE DATES: 15-17 OCTOBER 2014

Our venue: The Vineyard Hotel and Spa, Cape Town.

Our theme: The Art of Engagement – Create | Connect | Collaborate | Communicate.

The act of engaging or the condition of being engaged is:

♦An arrangement of doing something at a specific time.

♦The vision of influence and commitment through messages, tools, mediums and design.

♦The action audience members take when they decide to affiliate with your message or your brand.

♦The positive results and increased performance that engagement can bring to our organisations.

♦The art and the science of engagement.

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Costs Early Bird Normal
Member R4988 R5513
Non-member R5933 R6563
Student R2485 R2783
Join & Attend R7315 R8085
Single day R2800 R3600

To ensure you have a seat available at the conference, you can make your bookings from 1 August 2014. We will process your booking and issue your invoice. You can also elect to Join and Attend, where you either renew or take out a membership in advance. 

On receipt of your enquiry, we will also send you all the information you will require to book your accommodation at The Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town where we have negotiated a discounted rate for all IABC Conference Delegates.

For more information, please contact our conference coordinator Lee Fennell on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We look forward to engaging with you at our 21st Annual Conference in October!

IABC Africa Conference Team


South African winners of International Association of Business Communicators 2013 Gold Quill Awards were lauded at a celebratory function held in Pretoria on 17 July 2013. Of the 16 entries submitted by IABC Africa Region members to the prestigious international competition, half were recognised with either merit or excellence awards and one received a ‘Best of the Best’ award for scoring the highest out of all the winners in the Africa Region. This entry also scored the highest out of the more than 800 entries submitted to the competition.

The top scorer, Mari Lee of DevCom, a development communication consultancy, says: “It’s a great honour to be recognised for excellence in communication by one’s peers”. Mari’s entry showcased a successful stakeholder management campaign for the Timbali Technology Incubator, an agri-incubator setting up small scale farmers in their own sustainable businesses.

The local ceremony came after the winners had received their global awards at the IABC’s World Conference held in New York in June. At the celebration in Pretoria, they were presented with IABC Africa Gold Quill Excellence Awards.


Says IABC Africa Chairperson Sophia Dower: “A Gold Quill award is the highest accolade in the global business communication environment. It is resounding confirmation that the work the entrant has produced is among the very best in terms of quality and effectiveness, in the world.”

Of the eight African winners, four were from Anglo American subsidiary Kumba Iron Ore. Kumba Chief Executive Officer Norman Mbazima, who was keynote speaker at the Pretoria event says: “Participating in the Gold Quills forces communicators to look critically at what they do and how they do it. It’s not only about winning awards, it’s also about changing the way corporate communicators think, how they plan, and how they implement.

“It is a long-term investment in aligning what you as corporate communicators do to the business objectives of your companies and organisations; in setting clear and measurable objectives in support of these business goals; and in completing the loop with proper bottom-line research.


“Winning Gold Quills and proving that your efforts are world class, not only enhances the reputation of the individual who entered, and the whole team who contributed to the project or campaign, it also says a lot about the company or organisation they work for. To put it simply, a Gold Quill comes with serious bragging rights.”

A total of just more than 800 entries from across the world competed in the 2012 competition and 288 received either Merit or Excellence awards. Entries were scored by panels of trained evaluators, all of whom are IABC members and professional communicators. The panels met face-to-face in San Francisco, London, Toronto, Melbourne and Pretoria; and a virtual panel, including evaluators from Africa Region, scored online. The evaluators worked to a seven-point scale to ensure consistency across the board. Merit Awards were assigned to entries that scored a minimum of 5.25; and Excellence Awards went to entries that scored higher than 5.75.


Pretoria-based Communication Consultant Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, who is the International Chairperson of the IABC Gold Quill Awards managed by IABC headquarters in San Francisco, says: “To put it into perspective, Africa outperformed Canada, IABC’s largest region after the US, in terms of the ratio of winners to entrants.”

Hamilton-Attwell emphasised that while the evaluation process takes communication outputs such as media and design into consideration, it focuses on the strategic impact the messages make to the sustained success of an organisation and the measurable business return delivered.


On seven-scale, Excellence Awards = a minimum score of 5.75; and Merit Awards = minimum score of 5.25.

  1. Mari Lee, DevCom: Communication Excellence Delivers Agri-incubation Production Increase
    Excellence Award, Internal Communication
  2. Madelain Roscher, PR Worx: Optimising Media Relations to mitigate crises
    Merit Award, Multi-Audience Communication
  3. Ghrethna Kruger and Carla Pattison, Kumba Iron Ore: Preparation takes crisis out of crisis communication
    Merit Award, Issues Management and Crisis Communication
  4. Ludwig von Benecke, Sasol; and Rick Mellvill, Unplugged: Team Sasol National
    Merit Award, Safety Communication
  5. Lesmarie Bentley-Steyn, University of Johannesburg: Be Clear About Your Future
    Excellence Award, Advertising Campaigns
  6. Tanya Aucamp, Kumba Iron Ore: A Real Mine Using Skateboarding to Make a Real to the lives of real people
    Excellence Award, Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Mooketsi Mocumi, Kumba Iron Ore: Envision
    Excellence Award, Human Resources and Benefits Communication
  8. Nelmarie Schutte, Kumba Iron Ore: Using Kids to Manage Employee Fatigue
    Excellence Award, Safety Communication


Entry into the annual IABC Gold Quill Awards is open to IABC members and non-members alike worldwide. Entries are reviewed by panels of trained evaluators which sit in Pretoria, San Francisco, Melbourne, Toronto and London. There is also an online  ‘virtual’ panel comprising evaluators from all over the world. Effort is made to ensure that panels evaluate entries from countries other than their own to avoid bias. There are 46 categories for entries, covering a broad spectrum of corporate communication elements, approaches and disciplines. The call for the 2014 Gold Quill Awards entries will commence in October 2013. Entrants have until March 2014 to submit their entries. Go to www.iabc.com for more details and start preparing your entry now.


The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategic communication. Established in 1970, IABC serves more than 14 000 members in 70 countries. For more information, visit iabc.com.


Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell 
IABC Gold Quill Chairperson +27 (0)12 346 2600 | +27 (0)83 654 0565 |  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sophia Dower 
IABC Africa Chairperson: +27 (0)11 646 0956 | +27 (0)83 325 2843 |  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Talk2Us expands exclusive Reseller Agreement to rest of Africa

Talk2Us has expanded its exclusive reseller agreement for SnapComms to cover the whole of Africa. Digital brand management tools - such as screensaver messages, desktop newsfeeds and staff quizzes – are in high demand across the continent, and Talk2Us is now able to offer them to all African nations.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 07 February 2012 – With effect from 01 February 2012, Johannesburg-based brand engagement consultancy, Talk2Us extended its exclusive reseller agreement with SnapComms to cover all African countries. In November 2011, the company negotiated an exclusive deal to offer internal digital brand management tools - such as screensaver messages, desktop newsfeeds and staff quizzes – to southern African and the Islands.

Due to an unprecedented demand for the offering by leading blue-chip national and multinational organisations, and an influx of queries from across Africa, a geographical extension was signed.

The software solution includes several tools which show messages directly on employees’ computer screens. The solution uses existing Active Directory groups for targeting purposes, an important element of strategic stakeholder mapping. A key benefit is the tool’s flexibility in content administration and targeted messaging, affording large decentralised organisations the opportunity to partner and collaborate across clusters and functions.

In line with global trends, internal communication is shifting from a broadcast-centric approach to a strategic tool that delivers employee engagement and can be tangibly measured, providing real business benefits that support company strategy. The SnapComms tool is one such mechanism that achieves this by bypassing traditional media and reaching employees timeously with priority news in the business.
The SnapComms internal communications software was created in 2002, seeking better ways to communicate to employees. Since then, it has developed into a full suite of tools designed to overcome challenges faced by internal communicators in medium and large organisations. SnapComms solutions are currently being used in some of the world’s largest multinationals, including Vodafone, Time Warner, Netcare, BP, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, Commercial Bank of Africa, KPMG Russia, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, Cisco, and others.

About Talk2us
Talk2Us is a strategic brand engagement consultancy, focusing on the development and execution of its proprietary Brand Engagement Compass Methodology to achieve stakeholder engagement. In that pivotal role, we assist companies to maximise their brand value by reaching all target audiences with a variety of tools of influence. Talk2Us has been operating from its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, for over 10 years, working with some of the most prestigious companies in the country. In 2011, Talk2Us expanded into Africa by acquiring clients outside South Africa. It has also built a network of strategic business partners globally. For more information, visit http://www.talk2us.co.za

About SnapComms
Australasia-headquartered SnapComms provides software tools to help improve internal broadcast messaging and to ensure key information reaches the right audience at the right time. The technology includes interactive screensavers, scrolling newsfeeds, desktop alerts, user generated e-mags, pop-up staff quizzes and surveys, employee blogs, discussion forums and helpdesks. Offering both hosted and non-hosted solutions to government and private entities, SnapComms currently has customers in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East, Australiasia, the Caribbean and South America.

Africa press contact
Daniel Munslow
011 706 8149
Elizma Nolte

The consumer, tickled by the stimulus to purchase, has what has been coined by Procter & Gamble as the first moment of truth when they come into contact with the seller of their desire. The consumer then purchases the product, and experiences it – the second moment of truth. But with the rising use of the internet, consumers are beginning a trend where they decide on their purchase before even encountering the seller or the product. A strange phenomenon to be sure and the question one need to as is how this is possible. Simple; the ZERO moment of truth. It goes something like this: A need arises; the consumer merely searches for the fulfilment on the internet, and through copious amounts of referrals and links, through cyber persuasion, decides even before an encounter with the product to purchase to fulfil that need. The secret to success in this world of online interaction is to win the ZMOT, if you win the ZMOT, you win the sale.

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